In this world full of strife, hate, poverty, death, sickness and disasters, how can I have faith? I am in the midst of this chaotic life, whether I like it or not. Every single day I wake up with all these news of violence, wars and rumors of war, sickness and death. All these would shake the faith of any person. Is there a loving God after all?

Each day of life is a miracle. We are able to breathe, eat, pray, do our work … yes, live. We live because God has a purpose for each of us. It is to do what He wants us to do, make a difference in other people’s lives. It is because I believe that He is present in every circumstance, in every situation, in life and death. If we look around us, people are enjoying the perks of the world; some are impoverished; some are mourning; some are merry; some are sick; some are dying; and some are doing their share of doing good all around.  All these are reasons of keeping the faith. We see faith working when somebody is a helper to those in need, a comforter to those in mourning, a partner in doing good works and a messenger of God’s love to people who are hurting and have abandoned hope.

Is faith important to me? I believe in God who is to me a loving Father who each day provides for me. I hang on to Him for every trial and give Him all my joys. If not for this faith in my God, I cannot go on living. I hang on to Him like a rudder to a ship, like a child to a father, like a vine to its roots. All through my life I have had made bad choices but they turned out good at the end. Like, for example, I chose some investment that impoverished me. I was stripped of everything but, wonder of all wonders, I found other opportunities that helped me back up.

Disobedience to God always brings consequences of misery, failures, poverty and death. God allows us to be stripped, to be empty so He can fill us with Himself and His gifts. Oftentimes we think that we do everything on our own, keep working for one’s success, splurge on excesses, feed on vices, sins of the flesh and material possessions. Then everything’s gone. What then? We come on our knees and acknowledge that we need God after all. When you are left with nothing, God is our everything. When we have God, we lack nothing.

Faith is praying and doing. It is trust. It is love. I may have this faith but if I do not have love, this is nothing. This faith of mine is a gift from God. It is this faith that moves me to present myself to His service.  I have faith that things will get better in the world and for all of us.

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