A gift may come in many forms. For most, gifts are material things that our friends know we want and they give them to us usually during special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.  In today’s gadget-crazy world, we cannot help but appreciate the new smartphone that our boss gives us, or the latest tablet that a mother buys for her kid.  But other intangible ones mean so much more because money alone cannot buy them.

One example is the gift of service or time.  This is one of the most valuable favors anyone can give because we can never get back time spent.  When we are offered some sort of service by someone, we are actually taking a particular number of hours off his life which he will never recover.  Never mind the service itself which may be equally important.  It takes a genuine soul to present someone a gift so invaluable.  Another significant gift is trust.  This is something that is hard to give but so easy to take away.  We spend most of our lives investing in moments that prove to our spouse or friends that we are worthy of their trust, but when we make one mistake, the foundation we took decades to build come crumbling down because of one wrong decision.

Probably quite a number of people consider their talent to be a wonderful gift.  They can make a living out of it and at the same time enjoy what they are doing.  Others take their looks as their gift.  Some thank God for giving them their friends. They are the ones they consider their second family. And of course, plenty of individuals choose their spouse, children, or parents as wonderful presents from above.  Many others believe that health is the top priority among all these.  Being fit is not anymore about good looks but rather being able to function properly as a human being without suffering from any ailment throughout the day.  A few may say their career is what they are thankful for.  It is our bread and butter after all and very few lucky ones are extremely successful at it.

Some people believe that the greatest gift of all is life itself.  To have been put in this earth is nothing short of a miracle and others praise Jesus not just for giving us life but also for having Him in our lives.  He is the reason for our existence and celebrating each day with Him as the reason for everything that we do is sign of gratitude.  Being able to breathe clean air every day, having hands and feet to enjoy hobbies and sports, being able to see nature, hear music, taste good food – this is the greatest gift that we take for granted.  To wake up every morning to that ray of sunshine hitting our skin, to hear the birds chirping enthusiastically in the trees, and to smell the grass still damp from the rain – that is free. But that is priceless.