Not everyone can receive gifts from family and friends. I am one who hardly has the privilege to open gifts. It has been a long time that I have received gifts from others but I don’t mind. Gifts are not always in material form. They can be assistance, help or simple gestures.

Gifts are given to family and friends to show that we value them and we want to cheer them up when they are sad, and provide them something that they need.

For me, a gift is something that is given to you both in abstract and concrete forms. Some are material things like jewelry, toys, appliances, etc. Sometimes gifts are in monetary form. Others come as a good deed.

But what exactly is the significance of gift-giving? Does it have an impact on one’s life?

Yes, it does. I have been giving gifts all my life. Not because I want to brag but I want to show my appreciation to others for the good things that they have showed me. This is also my way to thank them for being there when I needed them most.  If there is no other way that I could reciprocate the things that they have done, I merely send them gifts to let them know that they are being remembered and that I am appreciative of what they have done.

Companies give gifts to employees to show appreciation and gratitude for helping the company grow and prosper. They also throw gifts when employees excel and for working hard. This is also a motivation to encourage the workers to stay loyal and to work harder.

Parents give gifts to children to show their love. Parents are elated when they see their children excited in opening their gifts.

Gifts are also one way to bridge the gap between two people. It is a way of saying they are sorry if the person is scared to face the situation. Some people are just too scared and they apologize through peace offering.

Gifts do not have to be extravagant. It can be a simple letter of appreciation and gratitude. It could be a pen you can use every day at the office or merely a cup of coffee during overtimes. No matter how cheap or simple a gift can be, it is always the thoughts that count.

When we receive gifts, it is also important that we give back, or simply say thank you to show that we appreciate the good gestured. We have to consider that there is effort in giving gifts and it also involves resources and time. I advise that it’s always important to say thanks as a way of giving back.

The best gift I have received is the gift of Life. This is a gift no one else can provide but God alone. This is not something that you can buy or borrow. This is something that many of us are not privileged to have for a long time. To appreciate life, one has to appreciate the life of others by showing love and concern. That is the best one could give.

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