Christmas is a celebration of expectations — reunions, family feast, shopping, decorating, and preparing for traditional activities such as Christmas parties, vacation, gift-giving, carolling and charity events. Because of the many things that preoccupy people, most tend to forget the real purpose of Christmas Day. On this day we celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Most often, though, Jesus is left out of the celebration because of the hype about Santa Claus and other commercial events.

Let us shift our focus from worldly to something divine and spiritual and convey the real meaning of Christmas is “Christ with us”. Let us make Him the center of purpose of Christmas. The word Christmas alone has Christ in it.

Christmas joy is felt by everyone as it purports having received from God the Father the gift of His Only Begotten Son, born for His will and purpose, to save mankind. Jesus came in a cold and silent night and only a few shepherds heard the chorus of the angels telling them the good news, “Glory to the newborn King!” as the song goes

In order for us, and more so the millennial generation, to participate in the meaningful celebration of Christmas, let us explain the signs and symbols of Christmas.

Christmas lights. We adorn homes with glitter and lights to shun darkness. The lights resemble hope at a time of darkness. There is nothing comparable to the One True Light which is Jesus Himself.

Christmas wreath. For once, let us save spruce , pine, or fir trees for mother earth by letting them grow and not cut them down for Christmas trees. Instead we make a wreath made of evergreens, pine branch or holly or an artificial one. It is decorated with pine cones, holly berries and poinsettia. These can be placed on doors, over the mantle or hung in windows. The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes an unending circle of life. The thorns of holly branches represent the crown of thorns of Jesus when He was crucified. The bright red holly berries symbolize Jesus’ blood that was shed to cleanse us of our sins. Poinsettias, known as December birth flower, represent good cheer and celebration.

Christmas gifts. Gift-giving is part and parcel of Christmas celebration. Most often, though, we do not have a gift for the Celebrant, Baby Jesus. What He wants is a gift of our hearts. He wants us to offer Him our pains, our anxieties, our problems, our sufferings and our joys, so that joined with Himself as Sacrificial Offering to the Father, we will obtain Divine Mercy.

Christmas feast. The best feast for Jesus is when we invite the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the marginalized to His birthday feast. Moreover, Jesus invites us to His Sacred Feast, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the memorial of the Offering of Himself at Calvary for the salvation of mankind. Let us celebrate Jesus! O come, let us adore Him!