God has given us the gift of sight as a means to look at the beauty and wonder that He has created upon this world. Our eyes serve a highly important function when we communicate with other people during social interactions. Body language wouldn’t be complete without us looking at the way people move and speak when they engage with us in various types of situations. But have you ever stopped to think and wonder what makes the sense of sight so powerful when it comes to expressing human emotions?

Like the best word gift from God, human eyesight is a significant physical attribute that allows us to express the things we cannot articulate verbally. All it takes is just one look, and you can instantly tell when you are emotionally connected with your loved ones or even virtual strangers. Eye contact is vital when communicating through physical gestures because this carries several key meanings. The details featured below should help you understand the essence of maintaining good eye contact.


It shows respect

Looking into the eyes of another person when speaking to them is considered by most cultures around the world as a sign of respect. This applies to people of different ages and backgrounds since it’s easy enough for anyone to speak to a young student or an adult working professional. Looking at them during your interaction gives them the impression that they matter to you and that you are conveying a sense of amiability. Authenticity can be detected when people can effectively hold eye contact, and therefore, genuine respect will be received when you pay close attention through your eyes.


It telegraphs interest

Nobody likes it when people are talking to another person but find that they’re actually inattentive. This kind of social faux pas is unacceptable because it shows disrespect towards the person willingly engaged with the interaction. Being physically present but mentally absent during conversations is rude, and people can instantly tell when an individual is really invested in the discussion. Apart from minimal eye contact, other subtle cues that show your disinterest include irritated sighing, tapping your feet in an impatient manner, and slowly widening the physical distance between you and the speaker.


It conveys understanding

Two eyes locked together while deep in conversation is usually an indicator that the two parties are in the same level of understanding. Getting your point across is easier when you are able to sustain eye contact with the receiver, and vice versa. Always remember that communication is a two-way street and it takes the effort of both parties to make themselves heard and understood during discussions.

The art of silent communication is primarily achieved through the eyes, so it’s easy for people to gauge whether the person they are speaking to was able to understand their interaction based on a knowing look in their eyes. Eye contact can also mean the difference between quick comprehension of information being provided or ending up being confused and agitated.