There is no doubt about it. Happiness is at the top of everyone’s bucket list when it comes to reaching the ultimate dream.  All of us want to be happy.  It is no surprise why this is so.  Happiness is accompanied by many other things that inevitably happen.  People look lovely, with a certain radiance that must come only from inner joy.  They seem to possess a glow which is visible to all who know them well.  Furthermore, since all sicknesses come from stress, happy individuals are healthier than their grief-stricken friends.  Usually, the ones who are rarely sick are those who are always genuinely smiling or having an occasional hearty guffaw.  In addition, we notice they either stroll pleasantly or hop and skip along the path towards their destination.  Distraught people, on the other hand, have a frantic stride that is painfully noticeable to the observant eye.  So, if happiness is a much sought-after goal, why is it distressingly elusive?  It appears to be everybody’s dream and yet, it remains exactly just that —  a dream.


The pursuit of happiness is a fairly common endeavor.  But the problem starts right here.  Happiness is a state of being, not a destination.  It is not a thing to be found, or searched, or achieved.  People seem to misunderstand that we can schedule happiness, but there is no correct time to be happy.  We always assume that when we get that new car, or build that dream house, or get that coveted job position, we will be happy then. The thing is, we are never satisfied.  So, the endless wanting for more and more leads to postponing happiness until we die without ever getting a taste of it.  However, the good news is, it is up to us.  Once we have decided to be happy, the rest is easy.  We just need to start NOW.  The plan is to be happy RIGHT NOW.  Our old mindset needs to be changed. We worry too much, but once we realize that the act of worrying doesn’t eliminate the problem, we are off to a good start. Our reaction to our troubles has little to do with the result.  For instance, worrying that it might rain doesn’t keep it from coming.  Neither does being upset that the car was scratched by an unknown offender, affect the condition of the car.  Being angry about it doesn’t remove the scratch!


Real happiness, if we look closely, is a wonderful cycle.  When we are happy, we automatically want others to be happy, too. Because of this, we subconsciously put an effort to help them or do anything that would also make them experience this fantastic emotion that we are undergoing. But the amusing thing is, when we get the result we want which is their expression of joy or gratitude, we are rewarded with even more happiness. In short, by making others happy, we become happy ourselves.  So, either they give back and do something nice for us, or pay it forward to their other friends. In the end, everyone is happy!