Faithful readers of the Bible and devout Christians will no doubt be familiar with the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is referenced in Isaiah 11:2-3. The uninitiated should think of them as a sort of word gift from God where His followers are responsible for completing and perfecting the virtues should they receive them. When people are blessed with such divine blessings, they should respond to the encouragements of the Holy Spirit by instinct in the way that Jesus Christ Himself would if He were to put them into action. Read the details below to get a clearer picture of the gift bestowed by God.



Wisdom is considered as the first and highest offering of the Holy Spirit, as it represents the excellence and spiritual quality of faith. Many people have this misconception that divine wisdom is given when it is in fact attained through unwavering devotion to God and a firm understanding of Christian doctrines presented by Scripture and the teachings of Christianity in general. When people attain wisdom, they must remember to let it flourish and grow even further because life is always full of important lessons.



Of the Seven Gifts, the concept of understanding is something that most people can say is easier said than done. Individuals in general are so quick to judge whenever others do wrong that it’s hard for a person to exercise empathy as a first reaction. Usually, understanding is a delayed reaction when a person has their preconceived notions disproven. Make it a point to embody an empathetic attitude before you pass judgment towards others who have committed transgressions.



Counsel is the result of prudence being perfected, and this must be wielded with finesse during everyday life. Applying discretion can be done by anyone, but the power of counsel calls for a divine presence in order for this gift to be properly used. Praying is the most common form of communication with God, and when you seek counsel with Him, you’ll be able to receive wise advice that will set you on the path to a better life and avoid all the wrong decisions that could affect you in a bad way.



Fortitude functions both as a Gift of the Holy Spirit and as one of the Seven Cardinal Virtues that counteracts the Seven Deadly Sins. People need strength to survive in a world filled with negative energies threatening to overshadow the positive elements. When people possess a considerable amount of fortitude, they are able to withstand even the most harrowing life experiences that will shake their faith. Moreover, the proof of their strength will inspire others to muster their own courage so they could face the demons hanging off their backs.



This should not be confused with wisdom and understanding because knowledge revolves around the practical application of the wisdom people have attained. Think of wisdom as the theory learned and knowledge as the act of turning theory into action. Knowledge also allows us to carefully consider the decisions we make and exercise caution to make the right choices.



By its very definition, piety concerns the level of devotion by an individual towards his or her religious beliefs. In layman’s terms, piety means our willingness to remain faithful to God and the many ways we can serve Him to receive His good graces. People who are pious are able to go above and beyond their call of duty to their religion in order to ensure that their service to God comes from a place of true love.


Fear of the Lord

Many people tend to focus on the operative word ‘fear’ when the phrase actually means to view God not as Holy Being to be feared, but one that should be seen with wonder and awe. When an individual sees Our Creator with wonder and awe, he or she is fully aware that God is the very definition of divine perfection of everything that mortals desire: knowledge, goodness, power, and love.