The Gift

a debut book, by Lila Ellexson Senter reflects on Christmases past and take us along for the journey…. These are “Word Gifts” she has shared with the family and friends for the last 31 years. “Word Gifts” are a collection of: quotations, original poetry, and stories that have amplified the joy of the season for both giver and recipient. The words are carefully chosen, reflect a strong faith AND the beautiful artwork that illustrates each “Word Gift” amplifies the message….Though inspired by Christmas, THE GIFT (the author feels) is a book for all seasons, because what is Christmas, but another of the marvelous stories of our Lord Jesus’ birth. This book may also appeal to those who meditate and practice PSALM 46:10 as a pre or post meditative reading.

A “Word Gift” can be as brief as a quote, a poem, a prose, a short story, legend from another source — shared and referenced by you OR from YOUR head and heart. They are used for a variety of occasions: weddings, births, birthdays, bereavement, anniversaries, thank-yous, congratulations, OR just because. For whatever means or for whatever reasons you choose to share, it is your way of saying, “I am thinking especially of you.”

Copyright 2016 by Lila Lee Ellexson Senter

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