The Gift, a debut book, by Lila Ellexson Senter reflects on
Christmases past and take us along for the journey….
These are “Word Gifts” she has shared with the family and
friends for the last 31 years. “Word Gifts” are a collection of:
quotations, original poetry, and stories that have amplified
the joy of the season for both giver and recipient.

Lila Ellexson Senter

Lila is currently living in Abilene, Texas with his husband Bill.
She is an active member for a shelter in Texas.

Positivity to Improve Life

There have been countless books written on positive thinking. It has been reiterated so many times how important this is in our lives. But despite these repetitive reminders, why do we constantly insist on looking at the glass as half-empty? Is it easier...

The Mystery of God’s Salvation

With all the intelligence and reason that a man could ever know, still, he would never be able to unlock the mystery of God, nor the fullness of His salvation.   The root of salvation This is why God has made it simpler by sacrificing Himself to the...

Put Your Trust in God

It is said that there is always a good purpose in everything. Certainly, it is because of the faith in this statement that made the problem not a problem. Nobody could ever change into someone without something to move him. This is why somebody turns into...

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